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Courier Half Day and Full Day Rates!

Half Day and Full Day Rates!

More and more we are being asked to quote for full and half day rates for all our vehicles. This can be the easiest and cheapest way to get your goods from you to your customers. Owning your own vehicle may look cheaper in the short term but in the long term having to pay lease/purchase costs, maintenance, wages, national insurance, tax, insurance, fuel, pensions contributions etc the costs can substantially out way the price for using one of our vehicles. Furthermore, we already have 4 vehicles on long term contracts being used every day which are in the colours of the companies they work for and drivers are in their uniforms giving the impression that they work for the companies who we supply.

Call Simon on 07969 380 426 for a quotation.

Pick, Pack and Send

Since we opened our new warehouse we have been speaking to a number of companies regarding our new picking and packing service. If you have a business which requires products to be picked off the shelf, packed and sent out to your customers, we can give you a price. Save money on rent, rates and wages. Only paying for storage for the amount of stock you hold and only when you sell something rather than paying an employee waiting for the order to come in. What could be easier. Call Simon on 07969 380 426 or e-mail


We now have the facility to cope with 4,000 pallets. So whether you have seasonal changes in your stock levels which requires additional space or do not have a place to store your merchandise we can help. With great rates for storage, receipt handling and despatch it could be a lot cheaper than renting additional space. Furthermore, using our extensive fleet of vehicles your products can be delivered nationally. Call Simon on 07969 380 426

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